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06. September 2007

New pressure scales for fillers weighing and dosing

Fillers weighing, dosing and blending equipment for rubber compounding plants is one of the core competencies of Chronos Richardson.

The company recently introduced a range of pressure scales into their portfolio. The scales are already operating and providing weighing of carbon black, white fillers and silica and like the range of vacuum scales they are ideal for low headroom or single storey mixing roomapplications.

Typically supplied in a 100kg capacity the scale features a steel scale casing that is lined with a flexible rubber jacket, has a fluidised outlet cone for optimum filler discharge and is mounted on a loadcell weigh-frame. Up to ten twin-speed infeed devices accurately feed filler sequentially into the scale. Typically the weighing cycle is 3minutes for weighing two materials into a combined batch size of 100kg.

In addition to its range of pressure weighing and conventional weighing systems, Chronos Richardson also supplies Clean-Feed, a system which provides simultaneous vacuum conveying and weighing of batches of carbon black and whitefillers.

Chronos Richardson Systems is a Business Unit of Canadian PremierTech.

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