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25. June 2010

Improving the performance of golf discs

Gateway Disc Sports, a supplier of golf discs and accessories based in St. Louis, USA, has partnered with RTP Company, Winona, MI, USA, to upgrade their Shur-Grip product line of discs.

Gateway wanted to improve grip performance while maintaining flexibility, making the discs more thrower-friendly for both novice and professional golfers.
Gateway‘s main goal was to find a material that would accept mineral additives to reach a density of 2.0. RTP engineers were able to formulate a TPV material that reached 2.0, while allowing to maintain the flexibility of the discs to adapt well to a variety of playing conditions.

The selected RTP 2800B series has very good surface abrasion and impact resistance properties, which prolongs the durability of discs during use while providing at the same time the necessary flexibility.

When using mineral additives to modify density, the softer thermoplastic elastomer components tend to migrate to the part surface during moulding. As a result, every disc has a tacky, easy-to-grip surface.

This is a significant benefit for golfers, especially when playing in less-than-ideal conditions, says Gateway. The material is also fully colourable over a wide spectrum – allowing for a variety of colours to cater to the preference of the golfer.

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