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21. July 2020

Kraton: Launch of Cirkular+ product line

Kraton has launched the CirKular+ product line, which is said to enable a holistic approach to the plastic product life cycle and the circular economy.

Kraton has launched a new line of sustainable products. (Source: Kraton)

Kraton has launched a new line of sustainable products. (Source: Kraton)

"As a reliable supplier to the plastics industry, Kraton is committed to delivering sustainable innovations that address market needs," said Bob Hall, Senior Director, Global Marketing, Kraton. "Our CirKular+ additive products enable us to meet increasing consumer demand, performance requirements and emerging regulations for circular plastics solutions – from end product design recyclability to cost efficiency. They will allow us to support the plastic value chain's mission to reduce virgin plastic use while increasing product recyclability and post-consumer resin (PCR) content."

CirKular+ products offer multi-resin compatibilisation and performance enhancement in a wide range of applications. They include PCR and industrial plastic recycling streams, bioplastics and flexible product design using a combination of virgin and recycled plastic materials.

CirKular+ fully reprocessable additives are a cost-efficient solution that allows for reuse of recycled plastic through upcycling of PCR and industrial waste streams, including typically non-compatible materials and difficult-to-recycle engineering polymers. PCR polyolefin modification with CirKular+ additives results in enhanced mechanical properties and design recyclability, enabling a mono-material approach to substitute a combination of polyolefins used with other less recyclable resins.


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