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20. October 2020

Smithers: New Director of Materials Testing Operations

Smithers, a leading provider of testing, consulting, information, and compliance services, appointed Dr. Natalie Jordan as Director of Materials Testing Operations. Natalie Jordan will be responsible for guiding and developing Smithers’ Materials Testing services to support the needs of clients across a range of industries including transportation, energy and industrial components.

Smithers appointed Dr. Natalie Jordan as Director of Materials Testing Operations. (Source: Smithers)Smithers appointed Dr. Natalie Jordan as Director of Materials Testing Operations. (Source: Smithers)

Based at Smithers’ Shropshire, UK laboratories, she will lead the analytical chemistry and physical Materials Testing teams specialising in testing plastic and rubber materials. Her technical background will support the organisation’s expansion of its testing services, and its commitment to understanding and meeting clients’ needs with tailored support coupled with on time, accurate data.

Natalie Jordan brings with her over 15 years of technology and management experience in the advanced composites industry with a particular focus on the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas sectors. She started her career academically, completing numerous post-doctoral positions before switching to a career within the materials manufacturing industry, where she gained experience within Research and Innovation, Technical Service, Quality Support and Sales Development.

“Natalie not only brings with her extensive technical and scientific knowledge,” said Sam Sheppard Fidler, Vice President Europe, Smithers Materials Science and Engineering Division, “having spent many years working within the in materials industry herself, she has an intimate understanding of the needs of Smithers’ clients and the materials challenges faced in transportation, industrial and energy sectors. I look forward to seeing her use that experience together with her leadership to direct and diversify the services and support offered by the Shropshire Materials Testing teams.”

Smithers’ support for plastic and rubber materials includes (but is not limited to):

  • Physical materials testing
  • Chemical analysis of polymers
  • Product testing
  • Life prediction and aging
  • Polymer technical consultancy

Natalie Jordan has a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics from Liverpool John Moores University and a PhD in Polymer Physics from Reading University. She is an expert in materials qualification testing of thermosetting and thermoplastic composite materials for application in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas markets.


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