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The management of the Hennecke Group (f.l.t.r.): Rolf Trippler (CSO), Thomas Wildt (CEO) and Christian Kleinjung (CFO) (Source: Hennecke)

07. January 2021

Hennecke Group: Kleinjung new Chief Financial Officer

Christian Kleinjung has been appointed as new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Hennecke Group. Previously, Kleinjung worked as CEO at an international machine tool manufacturer. The business graduate began his professional career as a consultant at a renowned auditing firm and then took on various national and international top management roles in medium-sized industrial companies. He was responsible – also in his role as CFO – for the finance and supply chain management departments, and gained significant international experience, particularly in Asia and the Middle East.

Christian Kleinjung

Christian Kleinjung

"I am convinced that Christian Kleinjung's engagement is a perfect addition to the Hennecke management team. As an experienced finance manager, he can bring his profound knowledge of the international machine construction business to the role of CFO and actively shape the step-by-step restructuring of the whole company group," said Thomas Wildt, CEO of the Hennecke Group and added: "We now have a much broader management base which is an essential prerequisite for reacting more effectively to future challenges and for strengthening and expanding our market position.” As Chairman of the Management Board, Wildt has since 2019 been actively driving the transformation of the polyurethane specialists, who have their headquarters in Sankt Augustin, Germany, to a highly effective organisational structure – internally as well as externally. Despite the omnipresent corona crisis, Hennecke has recently invested around EUR 2 million in the step-by-step structural transformation of its main facility in Germany as part of the "Hennecke 2.0" strategy.

Responsibilities in the different areas of the company will also be restructured under the global transformation to enable more efficient business actions in the future. Wildt takes over the areas strategy and operations, Rolf Trippler is in charge of the sales and service areas as CSO, and, in addition to finance and accounting, Kleinjung is primarily responsible for purchasing, logistics and facility management.

"Polyurethane is an extremely exciting sector and offers tremendous potential. So I'm really pleased to be setting the financial course for a leading global provider in the future. In the day-to-day business as well as in the scope of the global transformation," said Kleinjung.


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