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14. January 2021

Evonik: Proud winners of second consecutive PFA Herman Stone Award

For the second year running, Evonik Comfort & Insulation's foam chemist Jane Kniss has received the prestigious Dr. Herman Stone Technical Excellence Award during the Polyurethane Foam Association’s (PFA) annual Fall Meeting. Held online for the first time, November’s meeting still included a full technical programme and was attended by more than 100 executives from foam manufacturers, chemical suppliers, and other companies supporting the industry.

Jane Kniss (Source: Evonik)

Jane Kniss (Source: Evonik)

Voted as the ‘Best Presentation’ by those attending, the winning paper highlights Evonik’s comfort foam team’s work to overcome the challenge of achieving efficient gel catalysis, even in the higher density, visco-elastic foams. Higher density foams, especially visco-elastic foams often don’t have the suitable cure profiles to avoid delay in foam handling and fabrication, which usually necessitates the supplemental use of emissive, tertiary amines. Jane Kniss’ winning paper stood out amongst a prestigious field, by demonstrating how Evonik’s latest non-emissive amine catalysts provide the catalysis performance that the flexible slabstock polyurethane foam industry needs to produce high-performance visco-elastic foams.

“I think it’s noteworthy that even in a pandemic, we had a full technical programme and strong presentations,” said Bill Gollnitz of Plastomer Corporation, Past President of PFA and Moderator for the Technical Program. “Congratulation to Jane Kniss for her second consecutive Herman Stone Award.”

According to Evonik, this latest industry recognition further demonstrates how the company’s deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry and technical expertise has enabled it to continue to develop new polyurethane solutions – including these latest non-emissive amine catalysts for flexible slabstock foams – despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. Further evaluation in a broad range of foam grades is also demonstrated in the technical paper.


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