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25. November 2021

IISRP: Larisa Bondar elected President for 2021 - 2022

Larisa Bondar, Head of Sales Synthetic Rubber, Plastics, Elastomers, and Organic Synthetic Division at Sibur, was elected President International of the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) for the year 2021 - 2022 at the association’s 61st Annual General Meeting on 4 November 2021.

She succeeds Mr. Joon-Hoon Baek of Kumho Petrochemical, who becomes the Institute's Past-President International. Larisa Bondar has extensive experience in the polymer industry, where she has held positions in the strategic and operational marketing area, product management, sales, and mid-management positions. She has worked at Sibur since 2010 and was appointed Head of Sales Synthetic Rubber, Plastics, Elastomers, and Organic Synthesis Division in November 2019. She is responsible for products including synthetic rubber products and some monomers. Since 2014 she has been a member of the EMEA Section of the IISRP.  She holds a BA degree in Engineering and a graduate MBA.

In addition to Joon-Hoon Baek, who is now the Past-President International, and Larisa Bondar, who will also serve as President of the EMEA Section, the other members elected to the Institute Executive Committee for the year 2021 - 2022 are:

  • Mr. Zhuang Yi of Sinopec – President of the Asia Pacific Section.
  • Mr. Hisaaki Yokoo of UBE Elastomer Co. Ltd – Vice -President of the Asia Pacific Section.
  • Mr. Hendrick Lam of TSRC – FPAC Member.
  • Mr. Ralf Irmert of Trinseo – EMEA Section Vice-President and FPAC Member.
  • Mr. Bobby Rikhoff of Lion Elastomers – President of Americas Section.
  • Mr. Mark Plante of TSRC Specialty Materials LLC – Vice-President of Americas Section.
  • Mr. Juan Ramon Salinas of IISRP – Managing Director, Assistant Treasurer, and Recording Secretary.

The IISRP is an international not-for-profit trade association with corporate members domiciled in more than 20 countries, who produce more than 75 % percent of the world's supply of synthetic rubber. Incorporated in 1960 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Institute supports Milan, Tokyo, and Beijing regional offices.


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