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10. September 2020

Covestro: PU elastomers for the packaging industry

According to Covestro Elastomers, the corona pandemic is putting pressure on manufacturers of packaging materials and corrugated board. The strong business growth of digital mail order in the wake of the crisis also requires extensive support from the packaging industry to ensure the dispatch of large quantities of goods. Covestro Elastomers said it contributes to this with polyurethane elastomers and optimised delivery logistics.

Such wheels are made of a PU elastomer from Covestro Elastomers and are used to move corrugated sheets without damaging them. (Source: Covestro)

Such wheels are made of a PU elastomer from Covestro Elastomers and are used to move corrugated sheets without damaging them. (Source: Covestro)

Under all the parameters required for the production of packaging, manufacturers need efficient machines to produce and process the corrugated board and paper sheets. For this purpose, these machines are equipped with cast polyurethane parts such as anvil covers and pinch wheels. These parts must have specific properties in order to produce and process corrugated paper and paper sheets advantageously. In order to prolong the working time of cutting operations, the anvil cover parts that protect the rolls must develop high cut resistance and very good hardness stability. The high rotational speed of the roller and the sharp knives are key elements that guarantee a longer and more efficient operating time of the rotary die-cutting process. On the other hand, the corrugated board sheets must be handled carefully after cutting to avoid damage. The squeeze-free wheels used to drive the sheets not only need to be suitably designed, but must also have a good and soft grip, regardless of the paper grade.

Covestro Elastomers supplies polyurethane systems that are used to manufacture these two parts by means of a casting process. Systems based on Desmodur have proven to be a powerful solution for the requirements of the packaging and paper industry. Ester-based products have proven to be reliable solutions for anvil covers and wheels without crushing. In order to meet demand, Covestro Elastomers increased the stock of the raw materials concerned and secured the shipping with trusted carrier companies.

"Safety is a priority for all of us during the Corona crisis," said Olivier Vasseur, Sales Manager at Covestro Elastomers. "Nevertheless, we are encouraged by the solutions we have been able to develop for the packaging and corrugated cardboard industry. Overall, the challenge that this crisis presents to us strengthens the partnership with our customers."

"Times of crisis are the driving force for innovation," said Dr. Thomas Braig, President of Covestro Elastomers. "We want to use the full creative potential of our research staff to support all industries in their search for innovative elastomer solutions."


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